What is adequate comprehensive insurance for car this tornado season

Torando season 2012 and the right auto insurance…

Comprehensive auto insuranceThough there may not be a strictly defined “tornado season” in the United States according to the National Climatic Data Center, if you look at the trends from 1991 through 2010, it’s clear to see that April, May, and June are the months that see the largest number of twisters touching down, and that comprehensive insurance for cars is most important.

When you think about the extent of damage that is possible when one of these events passes through – including the additional weather events, such as hail, that often also occur – it is wise for drivers to take the time ahead of these months to review their auto insurance policies and make sure that they have enough coverage if disaster decides to strike.

It is a mistake for a driver to simply assume that a vehicle’s damage is covered when it results from weather related events such as hail and tornadoes, as many standard policies don’t include them. The reason for this is that the only auto insurance policies that will actually cover damage from weather events are those with comprehensive coverage.

Not a single American state necessitates that drivers have coverage for weather related events on their auto insurance policies, though many auto loan institutions do require that the owners purchase comprehensive coverage until the owed amount has been repaid.

If you’re wondering whether or not this type of coverage is right for your vehicle, then it is a good idea to start to compare various car insurance quotes online. These are free services and will let you know how much more it would add to your premiums every month, and whether this would be worth the replacement value of your car should it be totaled when a tornado hits.

Data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners showed that in 2009, the average comprehensive insurance for cars in the United States was $132, though that amount will vary from one individual to the next based on the type of vehicle being insured, the specific insurer offering the policy, the deductable chosen by the policyholder, and the area in which the policyholder lives.

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