Crazy drivers reveal their shenanigans behind the wheel

While we all make mistakes at one time or another, there is a difference between a slight error in judgment and simply asking for disaster.

Some people feel so confident behind the wheel that they’re willing to take on some exceptionally dangerous activities.  These shenanigans each make the roads just a little bit less safe.

However, while some drivers tailgate, speed, race and text, others take on activities that can baffle the mind.  It also helps to explain why many drivers are now choosing to keep a good quality emergency escape tool within reach at all times.  They’re small but contain features like a glass hammer, seatbelt cutter, flashlight.  Should the worst happen, this can make all the difference in making sure you and your passengers can safely escape the vehicle.

Consider the following real driver antics while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle:

  • Changing a baby – a woman was seen changing her baby’s diaper in the passenger seat while she was driving her car.
  • Changing outfits – in Los Angeles, on the 405 Fwy, a woman remained behind the wheel and driving on the freeway as she did a complete outfit change. She had been wearing business clothes and changed into a workout outfit.Crazy Drivers
  • Crafts – many people have been seen doing various handy-crafts while driving. This includes two-handed activities such as knitting, crocheting and sewing.
  • Eating travel-unfriendly foods – many of us have had something to eat while behind the wheel. Sipping a coffee isn’t unheard of, nor is grabbing a chip or pretzel from a bag. However, one driver was spotted eating soup with a spoon while using his elbows to steer.
  • Playing musical instruments – a full-sized piano keyboard was laid across the driver’s lap and into the passenger seat while the driver drove with his left hand and played with his right.
  • Putting on makeup – applying lip balm is distraction enough, but women are often seen behind the wheel putting on eye makeup including mascara, using the vanity mirror on the sun visor. This, while driving along a high-speed freeway.

There are a lot of crazy drivers out there.  Take care to be safe and make sure you’re not one of them – or their victims!


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