Escaping from a car crash is easier than it seems

For many, escaping from a car is less than an afterthought.

Most people never think that they will be involved in a situation where they actually have to escape a vehicle, but this does not mean that they are immune to danger. Fortunately, no one has to be an expert to be able to escape from a vehicle that has been in car crash. All that is needed is a simple tool and a surprisingly modest amount of force. Even if someone never has to escape a car, knowing how to can help them get inside a vehicle in the event of an emergency.

Breaking a car window is no simple task.

Cars are designed with safety in mind and this is doubly true for a vehicle’s windows. Windshields are specially designed to be durable, able to withstand a great deal of force to protect the driver and their passenger. Side windows are designed for this too, but they are made from tempered glass, breaks differently than the annealed glass used to make windshields. Both types of glass are, of course, susceptible to force, and that’s when a hammer can come in handy.

There are many tools that can be used to escape a vehicle, but one of the most common is called a Life Hammer. Life Hammer is actually a brand of car

How to escape from a car crash

escape tool, which is, as the name suggests, a specially designed hammer. These tools have steel points on either end, rather than the flat and hooked side of claw hammer. The tool also has a razor blade, which can be used to cut through a seat belt and free passengers. Using a tool like a Life Hammer could allow people to avoid the worst consequences of an emergency situation and this tool could be a valuable, if not necessary, part of any emergency kit.

Escaping from a vehicle is less difficult that it would seem on the surface. Breaking side windows is typically the best way to escape in an emergency situation, but many people do not know how to accomplish this. The very center of a side window is actually its strongest point. In an emergency, many people tend to strike the center of the window, which can take a severe beating before actually breaking. Instead, they should focus on the corners of the window. Hitting a corner of the window will cause it to shatter with relatively little effort.

There is no telling when a disaster may happen and when someone may need to escape from a vehicle. The most important thing to remember when something like this happens is to not panic. It is easy to forget how to actually escape from a vehicle when in a panic and staying calm could end up saving lives.

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